The story behind these seamless candids

Tony and I love to party with our real life pantyhose loving friends. Sometimes we get together with a friend of Tony’s or a friend of mine and have a little pantyhose phun! These pics were taken on one of those nights. We got together with one of Tony’s friends who we will call Steve. Since Steve lived several hours away we met half way and got rooms at the same hotel. We went out to dinner and had a few drinks. Well maybe more than a few. I teased Tony and Steve under the table and let them both feel me up and finger me through my seamless pantyhose in the booth. We finished eating and drinks and then we headed back to Steve’s room to play around some more. Four hours later Steve had wore my pussy out. I didn’t actually fuck Steve but I made out with him and jerked him off while he finger fucked the shit out of me. I even squirted… A LOT!!! Steve made me cum over and over again. It was a-fucking-mazing. I don’t know if you can tell it from the pictures but my hose are ruined and soaked with squirt. You can see the runner down my leg. 🙂

During the walk back to our room Tony took some photos in the elevator and in the hallway.  I think he even shot a video of me walking down the hallway with my skirt around my waist. I will have to see if I can find that one. When we got back to the room Tony fucked the shit out of me before we finally passed out for the night. It was an amazing time.

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  1. Great story Dawn! I love hearing stories of hot wives having phun. So glad to be a member of your site. Just reading this and seeing those pics had me going crazy picturing you during that session. I really hope you do it more often with his friends, a true pantyhose hottie like you should be shared occasionally. Would love to hear you talk about some of your naughty phun in future video updates and on this blog. I would definitely pay up for a pair of hose worn during one of your playtime sessions with one of Tony’s friends. Still hope you find the video walking with your skirt up and share it on twitter or in the members area of your site. It is hot to see a real pantyhose beauty, it is taken to an even hotter level when she shows off her beauty in public and with others. I’m very excited to hear more in the future.

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