Questions and Answers with Dawn Desire

People ask me a lot of questions. I decided to make a post with a few of the more frequent ones and answer them here.



Why do you love pantyhose?

This is a tough question. The short answer is I don’t really know. I have worn pantyhose most of my life. I wore them to church every Sunday and was raised to believe that you always wore pantyhose with skirts and dresses. At some point in my life I began to find them sexy. I think it has to do with the fact that I love to tease and pantyhose allow you to tease very well. When you look up a skirt if a woman is wearing pantyhose and no panties you can almost see something but not quite. And even if you try to touch you can’t actually get to it. It’s really a turn on for me. 

What brand and color of pantyhose do you wear most? What is your favorite brand of pantyhose?

The first question is the easiest to answer. I wear suntan L’eggs Sheer Energy All Sheer pantyhose almost every day. That is my go to pair. I love them. They are sexy and durable. When it is hot out I will sometimes switch to Hane’s Ultra Sheer control tops. They are cooler and absorb sweat pretty well. If I am dressing up I usually wear either some really shiny and silky pantyhose, or seamless pantyhose. Occasionally I will wear stockings if Tony ask me to wear them but I don’t wear them unless he asks which isn’t often.

As to a favorite brand/style, that is a tough one. I love pantyhose! That’s it. There are some styles I don’t like because they sag after a while, run too easily, or are too rough. The styles with the tiny waistband are not fun to wear because they slide down all the time. The kind that have the seam that runs through the crotch instead of seamless panel or a cotton panel are horrible. They will rub you raw in a bad way. I also don’t like pantyhose that get runs easily. They are a waste of money because I usually only get a half of a days wear out of them before I run them and have to toss them. I LOVE shiny hose and silky hose. Those are my favorites. I prefer skin tones and never wear colored tights unless it is for a costume or photo shoot. 

Do you wear pantyhose all the time?

Yes, each and every day. I wear them under my jeans. I wear them with sweats. I wear them with shorts. I wear them to the gym. I even wear them when I am going to go swimming. I just put them over my bikini bottoms.

There is a funny story about going to the water park with Sammi, her husband, Tony and the kids. i was wearing a cute summer dress, hose, and a pair of my summer wedges. When we got to the water park we set up our stuff at a table under a cabana. There were other people of course sitting around enjoying the weather. Well the first thing I did of course was take off my sundress. So I am standing there in my wedges, hose and bikini. I didn’t think a thing about it. After all I am wearing a bikini. Well I go to set my dress over the back of my chair when I notice a group of ladies with their mouths hanging open. I think they initially thought I was stripping right there in front of the kids. HAHAHA! Once I started taking off the hose they realized but at first they were shocked. It was hilarious. 

Do you wear panties with pantyhose?

No. Do you wear two pair of underwear? That’s what pantyhose over panties is like to me. Plus it hides all the fun stuff too much. I like knowing that there is a chance for someone to see a little more that they would with someone wearing panties.

Do people or your close friends think it’s weird that you wear pantyhose all the time?

I have never had any one say anything to me about it. In fact many of my girlfriends have modeled for the site and now love pantyhose as well. Some of my neighbor friends who don’t know about my fetish do come over and borrow outfits, heels, and hose when they need to dress up.

I did have an incident one time that upset me. Tony and I were going to a comedy show out of town and were staying at a hotel. I wore a cute denim mini skirt, an elmo t-shirt under a little denim jacket, a pair of sexy heels, and some super shiny pantyhose. I was all fixed up and ready for a night on the town. Little did we know that a Methodist Youth Convention was being held that weekend at the same hotel we were staying in. When we got to the lobby a bunch of the “church ladies” started staring and whispering to each other. That wasn’t the best way to start the evening. When we got to the venue we had to park a couple blocks away uphill from the building. It was a pretty good hike and heels aren’t the best thing to hike in. So after the show Tony walked me out to the front of the building and then went to get the car so that I wouldn’t have to walk all the way there in my heels uphill. There were a lot of people standing out front so I felt perfectly safe. I needed a cigarette (back then I still smoked) so I stepped away from the crowd a little bit as a courtesy and lit up. While I was standing there a group of guys drove by slow and started cat calling at me like I was a hooker. I was scared and very upset. The people just turned and stared. No one said anything but just looked at me. I thought I looked really cute but apparently they thought I looked like a hooker. It ruined my evening. 🙁 Tony made me feel much better though and swore that if we saw the guys on the way back to the hotel he would make sure they didn’t do it again and make them apologize.

The moral of the story is just because a woman is dressed up sexy does not mean it is ok to act like a fool.

Do you like men in pantyhose?

Only when I am having sex. I don’t generally like men to wear them all the time. I think it is because hairy legs just don’t look good under pantyhose to me. When we are both wearing pantyhose during sex I like the sensation of the nylon rubbing on nylon. That is a turn on.

Do you like women in pantyhose? Are you bi?

Yes and yes. Once of my very first sexual experiences was with a girl in high school. I am always pointing out women in pantyhose to Tony and find myself trying to look up women’s skirts whenever I get a chance to.

Are you married?

Yes, I am very happily married to Tony. We have been together since 2000 and we married in 2002 . We have three kids (all grown now). We have a semi-open marriage in that we like to play around with our very close friends as long as the other is there to watch and doesn’t mind. I like watching Tony and other women messing around. I also like Tony watching me playing with other men and women. We have tried swinging but currently don’t.

This is a group of questions I get all the time.

  • Do you swing?
  • Can I meet you in person? Can I pay you to meet me?
  • Can we have sex? Can I pay you for sex?
  • I have a huge cock. Do you want to see it/play with it/fuck it/suck it/ et. al.?

The answer to all of the above is no. As I mentioned above Tony and I do play around with other people. They are friends of ours. People we have known for years. We do not swing with strangers, or even with people we know but haven’t been friends with for very long. We only play around with people we know and trust completely.

As far as meeting for any reason, paid or not, I won’t do it. I am not comfortable meeting people like that. We have had two meet and greets in the past with Izzy and friends and they were fun but I don’t think I would like to do that again.

And finally, no I don’t want to have sex with you.

If you have a nice cock, that is great. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would love to play with it. I am not one of them. If you want to send me pics and tribute shots that is fine. But I am not going to respond to them the way you think I will. I may say “thanks” or “I am glad you enjoy it.” But I don’t do dirty emails, sexting, chatting etc. I do appreciate the fact that you enjoy my work and it turns me on knowing what you do for me, but I decided long ago that once I start responding to those messages I would not be able to keep up with all of the emails and messages.

Do you actually have the pantyhose fetish or is it for Tony?

Tony and I both have the fetish.

How do I tell if I have a pantyhose fetish or a Dawn Desire fetish?

That’s a funny question but the answer may be interesting so someone else so I will attempt to answer it. The pantyhose fetish is actually a type of underwear fetish

Having been involved in the pantyhose fetish world for so many years I have seen many variations of the fetish and this is a very small sampling of the different varieties. In order to have the pantyhose fetish you have to be attracted to the person because they are wearing or wear pantyhose and not only because they are physically attractive (though you can be attracted physically and because they wear pantyhose).

I don’t believe there is a “Dawn Desire” fetish. If you are attracted to me solely because of the pantyhose I wear then it is a pantyhose fetish. If you are attracted to me no matter I am dressed in then it is more of normal physical attraction to me because of my physical appearance, which is perfectly normal, then it is not considered a fetish at all just regular physical desire. 🙂

Isn’t it hard to run a website when you have children?

Yes, it is. Luckily when we started the site our kids were already in school so we would just do it during the day. We also took a lot of out of town trips and left the kids with the grandparents for weekends. Now that they are grown and moved out it is much easier. Our oldest daughter knows about the site but the rest don’t as far as we know. I am sure that if they did they wouldn’t care either. We raised them to be very open about that sort of thing.

Do you/Will you  ___________?
(skype, kik, text, send selfies, facetime, chat, meet, private message, direct message, etc)

No. I don’t do any of the above.

What happened to ___________? (Adrianna, Honey, Lee, Izzy, Sammi, etc.)

Izzy and Sammi have both retired. And by retired I mean they have left the modeling life behind entirely. There is no chance either of them will be back. Same goes for most of the other women who I have worked with in the past. Many moved away. Some have careers and families now. When we started the site we were very young. Most weren’t married or didn’t have kids or careers. Of course after a decade all that has changed.

On a good note Jasmine has said she will be back and Autumn Thomas just contacted me last week (June of 2018) wanting to show off again. I think Amber and Lee might be interested in modeling again but I am not sure.

Do you like anal?

No, I don’t do anal. It isn’t that I have never done it. I used to do anal when I much younger. I had one boyfriend that only wanted anal. But that was when I was really young. We are talking before I met Tony and I met him when I was 20 years old. Asking about anal or to do anal is a quick way to get ignored.

Can I come to one of your parties?

No, our parties are private affairs for us and our very close friends. They are not open to the public. I am sure you would love to be my friend but that’s not the way it works. LOL.

What are your turn-ons?

That is a very broad question. There are a lot of things but I will touch on the highlights. I like to tease as I have said before. I like to masturbate in the car while we are travelling. I like to walk around in public wearing just my heels and pantyhose. Usually in hotel hallways or on balconies. Places where people may see me but can’t actually get to me. I like the idea of people watching me and maybe catching me being naughty. I like to do things that shock people like fist myself or take big dildos. I like to make out with men and women. Kissing is a big turn on. I am submissive for men but dominant with women. I like being tied up sometimes.  Light bondage. I like turning Tony on the most. Most of the things I do is to turn him on as well.

Why did you decided to retire and what brought you back?

Well, back during the “The Great Recession”, things really started to slow down with the site. Sign ups dropped off and it was beginning to cost more to run the site than the site was making. We thought it was temporary downturn and continued to operate the site by running on credit. We believed if we could just limp through and outlast the competition that things would return to normal. That turned out to be a huge mistake.  When two of our creditor banks went under they raised the previously low fixed interest rates to the maximum allowed rate and our payments, even at interest only, became unmanageable.  The stress started to affect Tony’s health. He was having constant panic attacks and it was also making his bipolar disorder worse. We considered different options and decided to see if we could sell the site to cover the debts. We knew we were going to have to go back to work in the real world and we would not be able to run the site and work outside. We found a group of guys who would take over operation for us and pay enough to cover what we needed until we could restructure our finances. So that is what we did. The contract had some clauses that allowed us to require certain standards in order to keep using my content and gave us the option to buy the website back with interest based on the websites performance at the time.

So flash forward several years. We had watched the site as it sank. It really bothered us. This is our baby and they were letting it die. I don’t know why they did it but we couldn’t let it happen. So we decided to use our option to buy it back to try and save it. Our real life work was going well. We had made some lifestyle changes like quitting smoking (we still use e-cigs though. they really do work to stop smoking cigarettes), working out everyday, and Tony got new medication. Things got much better. We were finally making decent money so we saved up and contacted the new owners in November of 2017 to get the site back. Luckily for us they had let it run into the ground and we bought it for almost what we originally sold it for. For the first few weeks we just ran it without my content. We needed to let it grow enough to cover my real life check so that I could quit. We quickly realized that without my pics it wasn’t going to grow fast enough so we started adding my sets in December and I released my first new photos from our 2018 New Years Eve party on January first. I didn’t shoot again until the end of February 2018 and now I plan to keep going as long as you guys are still enjoying my work and joining the site so that we afford to operate it.

Can you make your site available in my native language? Google Translate is not always correct.

I would like to, but English is the only language I speak. If I were to try and translate my content I would have to use Google Translate so it would result in the same problem. It would be nice and would be a big help for my non-English speaking fans but it isn’t possible.

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  1. Thanks for the Q & A! Have always loved your site Dawn. So looking forward to seeing new updates.
    Curious if you and Tony have ever been into pegging. I feel like that is becoming more acceptable lately.
    Love the site.

    1. No we haven’t. I do agree that pegging has been popping up more often on adult sites. Whether that means it is more acceptable in general, that people who enjoy it are not ashamed to share their activities any more, or if pegging is a popular search term and sites have noticed I can not say. Google and other tools allow webmasters to track what people are searching for so maybe they have noticed an uptick in pegging searches. I noticed a few years ago that TS took off and there was an increase of models with fake penises in porn. Sorry didn’t mean to get all technical. Tony and I have been discussing what the latest trends in adult entertainment are lately. But either way neither fetish is a turn on for Tony or myself.

      1. Dont care about trends online, and definitely not into TS porn. Just love when my girlfriend massages my prostate while jerking me off. It is the most incredible orgasm. And now love watching videos of the same.
        Hope you and Tony start making new videos soon!!!

      2. You could not make your site in several languages, including Russian? Not everyone is fluent in English and the translator is not very comfortable…

        1. I have thought about this before but I don’t speak any other languages. I would have to rely on the translator myself and as you have said it is not perfect at making the translations. The result would be the same.

    1. I am not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the online store or the content in the member’s area? But in either regard the answer is no. In the case of the store I am the only model and the hose are only selectable as far as style and color. I only sell my daily wear pantyhose (which is size small or A and normally L’eggs Sheer Energy), not any particular brand or size. In the member’s area I did not record any information about the pantyhose used in the photo shoots and most occured so long ago that I wouldn’t remember.

  2. 3 questions:
    1. How do I tell whether I have a pantyhose fetish or a Dawn Desire fetish?
    2. In your March 4th tweet, what’s in your right hand?
    3. Is it wrong to care about your answer to #2 or wrong not to care?

    1. Hi Bob. I answered your first question in the post above. I will answer the rest here.

      In my right hand is my electronic cigarette (vape). Tony and I stopped smoking regular tobacco cigarettes about 4 years ago. Smoking became too expensive and vaping is much cheaper. We switched completely over to vaping and didn’t dabble in both because we knew if we didn’t we would continue to smoke tobacco and vape which defeated the purpose. It really worked for us.

      Whether noticing that there is something in my hand and wondering what it could be is right or wrong is a matter of perspective. I tend to examine photos when I look at them. I notice background things as well. It’s just being inquisitive and I think that is a way of trying to get to know more about the person. Just like asking me questions will give you a perspective into who I am as a person as well. I am more than just a pretty face. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the informative eloquence. It gets me so hot when you talk clean to me. My resistance is weakening. I will prolly join but will wait till Thursday because “Thursday night is pizza and pantyhose.” Have you seen that? Did you make it? Google image that phrase for a laugh… awesome. (Might need to scroll down a bit.)

        “…more than just a pretty face”? Well, I think the face is the screen to your projector, so… yeah… oh, hell, yeah.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    I’m happy you came back!
    I would like to leave you some suggestions, for example the italian pantyhose of SOLIDEA (Venere and Naomi).
    Good luck and see you asap!!

    1. Thank you! I will have to check out your pantyhose suggestions. As far as letting my pubic hair grow out, I don’t like that. I prefer to keep it nice and trimmed. I don’t shave it completely anymore because I like it to be obvious that I am not wearing panties under my pantyhose when I let people look up my skirt. When it is shaved completely you can’t be sure unless it is seamless but if there is a little bit of hair peeking out you know. 🙂

    1. If you mean do I do custom photo sets where the person who orders the set provides the outfit, yes. If you mean private as in for use only in the Members Area of, yes. If you mean would I send someone photos if they sent me clothes, no.

  4. Been one of your members off and on for nearly 15 years – just LOVE your sense of fun and your creative ideas. I’ve used them for inspiration with photoshoots with my wife (who is also looks amazing like you do in pantyhose).

    Thank you for being you and thank you for coming back to your site! By the way, I can’t get enough of that interracial set you posted on April 13th. I recognize the video from a number of years ago, but had never seen the photos before. SO HOT! Thank you!

      1. Lee, Ed, Tony, and I have partied together quite a few times over the years. There are sets from other parties that will be posted where I am having some phun with Ed. Alyssa also had a black husband that I partied with at a couple of parties. That’s it though for any interracial shoots. I have never done any interracial shoots beyond what happened at our parties.

        1. Thank you for responding Dawn – may I please make a request for one of those other sets or videos to be posted in the coming weeks? 😉

  5. Hi Dawn, you are absoluetly wonderful.

    I try not push nylons too much on my wife, She has amazing legs and feet like you. She also wears them to church and events in the colder months so I’ll take what I can get but she knows about my fetish, i’m sure she’s also seen a couple of pics of you when I forget to close my browser lol! Anyway, I’ve been tearing down the web trying to find a pic of you in a bathtub/hottub/pool where you are pointing your toes but I can’t find it anywhere!! You have the absolute best toe point ever!!

  6. I just read your friends list here but I’m still in shocked Adriana passed away at a young age. How did she passed away?

  7. It looks like Autumn is coming back to the site. Any luck in getting Lee Devine back? I really loved the sets with you two (the bookstore set with the strap-on was a good one) and the sets with you, her, Tony, and Lee’s husband. Those were always fun. It would be great to see everyone again having some great hose fun.

  8. Fist off it’s great to have you back!

    I see that Autumn is back, any chance that Lee will be back? Some of my favorite sets were with you and Lee; strap on at the adult bookstore, you and Lee playing before some fun with Tony and her husband.

    Any chance that we may someday soon see a new set with you and Lee?

    1. Thanks for the welcome back. I am very happy to be back. I am going to roll your to comments into this answer 🙂 Yes, Autumn is back and she is very active again. You can follow her on Twitter @ATHomasXXX and she is selling her worn pantyhose and doing custom photos and videos. Lee and Ed are divorced so Ed won’t be back on the site. Lee on the other hand is a complicated question. She has been dealing with some back issues that required several surgeries and was basically in bed for two years. She is in therapy and working out but isn’t happy with her look right now and isn’t willing to come back just yet. I have been passing on all the encouragement and requests and she REALLY enjoys knowing you love her work and miss her. She was just over the other night and we discussed her coming back again as we do every time we see each other but she still isnt ready. So its not a no but a not in the near future.

      1. That’s sad to hear about Lee. I hope that she’s getting better with her back. Keep on encouraging her, I’m sure that she’s looking as good as ever, I really miss her sets.

  9. Hi Dawn
    I love your site I have been a big fan, I am happy your back. My favorite video is from way back. You stuffed a pair of pantyhose and went shopping around town, are you going to do more videos like that one anytime soon?

  10. Hi Dawn,

    Absolutely love that you are back! Some of your old layering and encasement sets are my all time favs after all those years! Will there be more such sets? What about you and Tony get it on both wearing hose with sheathes like the “Doyeah 0108” pantyhose, as I know you did a lot of stuffing 🙂 ?

    cheers and stay the best!

    1. Thank you! I am glad to be back. I will get some of those older layering sets scheduled for you in November. The October schedule is already full. I will also be shooting some sets like that as well. Oh and thanks for pointing out those pantyhose for men. We ordered some Mantyhose years ago off Ebay and never received them 🙁 We gave up on them after that but we will look into this brand now. 🙂

  11. Hey Dawn. I’m so glad that you’re back! I was wondering, are members able to see your webcam sessions or is there an additional fee for that?

    Also, it sounds like while down is not on the site making new content, the two of you are still hanging out. Are you and her still having some pantyhose fun, just with the camera off this time?

    1. Hey! Glad to be back. 🙂 When I do cam shows that are Member’s Cams, all site members can see the cam show for free. Non-members can view it at the PPM fee. The shows are also available to members in the webcam archive.

      When you said “it sounds like while down is not on the site” I am assuming you meant Dawn and not down. LOL

      But as far as that goes I am back on the site and I am shooting new content every week. I am currently posting one new set from me each week along with two other sets from me and four sets of content from our other girls for a total of seven updates every week.

      Why would you think that I am not shooting content? I know when we originally reopened the site I was wasnt coming back and Tony said as much on the site. But within a month or two we made the decision for me to just jump back in and start shooting again. Tony was supposed to remove all the stuff that said I wasn’t shooting any more. Does it still say somewhere on the site that I am not shooting or updating with new sets? If so please let me know where. 🙂

      Thanks again for the welcome back and I hope you are sharing in my passion for pantyhose!

      Dawn XOXOXO

        1. Oh! Yes, Lee and I still play together when we can. I was just talking to her about getting together over the holidays. 🙂 Hopefully we can get her back on the site too.

      1. That might be true, but I am told by women I have nice looking legs, so I guess that helps me! I am on instagram, @thetightsadvocate

  12. Thanks for the new set of you and Lee – wow! That is a stunner. I can only imagine what it’s like for a girl to kiss another girl – so silky and smooth and curvy. It must be sensory overload. So hot to see the two of you go from dancing to just all out making out! Would love to know what you did to her boyfriend while he was on the couch. You are just amazing Dawn! Thank you!

    1. I haven’t heard from them in years. I know that she is not modeling because she had quit the last time I talked to her and that was before they closed the southern legs site.

      1. Hi Dawn.. I’m your biggest fan.. Your legs in hose look absolutely amazing.. my question is how does one go about meeting pantyhose singles and meeting people who are as enthusiastic and passionate about hose as u are (Tony is such a lucky dude.. he hit he lottery with u for real).. I’m looking for a Dawn Desire in my life… all the help and advice u give wud be greatly appreciated.. ty

          1. Hi Dawn.. thanks for getting back to me.. I really appreciate it.. I guess I’ll have to keep searching.. that being said I didn’t kno Lee was single.. I wud be willing to fly out your way to meet her if she was down.. I’m a black male, med complexion, 40 yrs old.. even it was just for a cup of coffee, if she wasn’t comfortable or shut me down, it would still be worth it.. (it’s just a plane fare.. lol) lmk.. I can send pics, phone number, etc.


      2. Hey Dawn,
        Your really awesome how do everything. One question. How do u deal with panty hose itch? Or don’t u have a problem with it? I love it when my wife wears them, the leggs brand sheer energy, but after wearing a few hours they get terrible itchy. That’s why she doesn’t like to wear them. Have u heard of other women with that problem? What’s your suggestion? Thank you very much!

        1. I don’t have a problem with pantyhose making me itch and I have very sensitive skin. I get hives very easy. I have heard other women talk about it but never experience it myself. I have a couple of ideas of what may cause it.

          Does your wife shave her legs frequently? If so it could be a combination of irritated/dry skin, and the compression of the nylon. Another thing that Tony mentioned was that he gets itchy legs from his socks if they are tight and pulling on his leg hairs too much so maybe the hose are the wrong size for her or she is in between sizes and should try the next size up. A lot of complaints I hear about pantyhose, with the exception of cost versus how easily they are ruined, have to do with improper sizing, poor fit, or the poor quality construction in cheaper brands. Hose that continually pull/slide down are too small and hose that look like loose socks by the end of the day are too big.

          So try keeping her legs well lotioned and making sure that the hose fit correctly (not too tight, not too loose) The size guides on the packages are just a recommendation they are not cut in stone and each brand may require a different size. I have had some hose that are supposed to fit that I can’t get the crotch to come up within four inches of snug (one of my pet peaves is hose that sag in the crotch) and I have had others that I could almost pull over my head. It’s just a trial and error thing sometimes. Quality brands usually have a more accurate fit than the cheaper ones.

          1. Thanks dawn. She wears the sheer energy leggs brand just like you wear, and she used to wear the b sized and would get terribly ichy so I told her go next size up, and that seemed to help better, but she still itches some. She shaves legs too. Any anti itch lotion work? Another cool thing about panty hose I love is the sounds of the swishing thighs:). I think curvy women are just awesome. It’s not about being skinny anymore. Thanks for answering back with your recommendations. Shoot me an email if u want. LaVerne

  13. hello,I like your pictures from you,may be you should post pictures from your old site again,only the big pictures,thank you Dawn

    1. Thanks, I am glad you like what you see. In response to your suggestion I want to say that we are adding pics to the site everyday. Both old and new. We reformat the pics to our new format when we can but sometimes the older pictures do not resize well so we make them as big as we can.

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