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We have been experimenting with our posting format and have settled on a 30 day rotation for sets with a core group of photos that will never expire. We decided doing it this way  would be most like a magazine subscription. We add one update every day that will stay up for thirty days and then expire.

Lycra Pavel (who runs several websites) made a good point that we agree with and is the main reason for this change. Someone who joins on a 30 day recurring membership and pays every month gets less value for their money than someone who joins once a year, or even five years down the road and has access to the same content that the other person has paid monthly for. Now you get exactly what you pay for. An update for everyday of your subscription. You join for a month you get 30 updates. You join for a year you get 365 updates. We think that is the best way to make it fair to all of our supporters and give them their money’s worth.

So that is how we now run our site.  An update for everyday of your membership.



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  1. Wow, terrible business model and disappointed this will lead to the last of the Dawn Desire website.

    Sorry you have fallen for Pavel’s model – just recycles old pictures. Was a monthly subscriber, but why now, I have all the stuff he is rotating.

    Same will go for your site. Assuming your goal is to stop posting your pictures.

    To get back to the old revenue stream you need fresh models with regular updates. Otherwise, you should stop before you again sink yourself into a financial disaster.

    1. Sorry to hear that you disagree with the idea. My goal is not to stop posting my pictures. We will be updating with new sets that we are shooting along with the old sets that people request to see or that we want to post. Currently I am posting one brand new set each week while I build up enough new content to allow me to post two new sets from me each week. Then once we have that worked out we will see about adding new models as well. If Pavel is not producing new content and is just rotating through his older content that is up to him. Even if he is doing it that way the content is always new to someone. New people come to the internet everyday who have never seen any of his photos. The audience isn’t static. We do prefer to add new content into the mix ourselves which makes our way a better way since even long time phans will find something new. 🙂

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