My New OnlyFans Site Subscription Special

So, if you haven’t heard I started and OnlyFans site. I have had a lot of people asking me about starting one but I just didn’t see the need. Then I spoke to Samantha Legs about it ( and she said I should give it a try. That she loved it. Long story short, I did it.

Of course it is only Tony and me on there and we are limited in what we can do on their site because of their rules on content. There are no stuffing photos, no foot fucking photos, bottles, or fists, shoe fucking, things like that. For that reason we lowered the price for a subscription to my OnlyFans site versus a subscription here.

We are going to be posting some exclusive content that will only be available on OnlyFans and a lot of candid day to day photos and videos. That is what I have been wanting to do for a while anyway. More candid content. I do love doing the fancy photo sets and scripted videos, but candid photos are really nice because they show that I really do live the pantyhose life unlike so many other models.

I am running a subscription special for three days only that will give the next 20 lucky new members 15% their first month. So run on over to and subscribe today. If you miss out on the special go ahead and subscribe anyway because I know if you love pantyhose you are going to love what I have to offer over there.

Of course if you want to see my really good stuff and the rest of our over 100 models then you can subscribe to this site for just $5 more.