What we have waiting for you inside.

Here are some teaser pics and videos for you to enjoy! This is just a taste of what we have waiting for your inside the members area. If you like what you see then join today! We update our site regularly with content from me and my friends.

BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 2021 WE NO LONGER EXPIRE ALL OF MY PERSONAL CONTENT! When we came back from our retirement, we decided to run the site like a magazine subscription. We updated the site every day and expired my sets every thirty days. But we found that many members were missing out on some of their favorite sets because they couldn’t stop by everyday. We were getting so many emails requesting reposts of older sets and we just couldn’t fit it in the schedule. We also realized that just like us, many people were struggling to make ends meet. So we have changed things to fit into today’s environment. We decided to lower our subscription price to $15 for 30 days access. We are not expiring my content every 30 days. While it will not be available forever we will leave it up for 6 months or more depending on how popular it is (we will base it on the number of views). We also changed to five updates each week. Three sets from me and two from one of my friends.