Funny behind the scenes story about today’s update

I was posting today’s update when I remembered a funny incident that happened right after we finished shooting.

As you may know, Tony and I really enjoy our pantyhose phun times. Shooting really turns us on and frequently after a photo shoot we will continue to play around on our own behind the scenes. This shoot was no different.

Let me preface this story by saying that this was the same place we shot the mini-golf set.

During the shoot I put a pool ball into the leg of a pair of pantyhose and then pushed it into my pussy. It was pretty hot. After we were done Tony had the bright idea to shoot a video of me putting golf balls in my pussy and then popping them out. I asked him, “What happens if I can’t get them back out?” He assured me that I would be able to pop them out on my own. My pussy does clamp down quite tight. So much so that when I do stuffing sometimes we have a little mini-tug of war to see how much I can grip them. So I agreed to try it. He fired up the camera and I got down on the floor and started putting golf balls into my pussy. I put one in and then popped it out easily. So I thought ok, let’s do this. So I put it back in and added three more. Then I started pushing them out. The first one came out really easy. The second one didn’t want to move. I got a little worried but Tony suggested I squat so that gravity would help. After a few tries I felt it moving and it came out as well. The third one though still hadn’t moved. I pressed and pressed and nothing.

At this point I am getting a little worried. I really didn’t want to have to go to the ER to get it fished out. So I started using my fingers to try and get it out but I couldn’t get around it. The little sucker was soaked and extremely slippery. Then Tony tried and still nothing. I was starting to get really worried but Tony had one more idea. He ran upstairs and when he came back down he had a serving spoon. He slipped it in there and it went right around the golf ball. He was then able to pull it down far enough that I could pop it out on my own. WHAT A RELIEF!!!

Tony had part of it on video but it once I didn’t get the second ball out he set the camera down and didn’t film the rest so it was never posted on the site. Anyway, after that we decided no more putting things completely inside without it being either attached to something or easy to reach. HAHAHA

Hugs and kisses,


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