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We use CCBill to manage our affiliate sales. If you are here then you probalby know how this works. If you don’t it is very simple. When you sign up with CCBill you are assigned an affiliate number. You then advertise for using a special URL that goes to CCBill, sets a cookie in the visitors browser that identifies you as the source of the traffic, and then redirects them to our website. If the visitor subscribes to the site you receive a commission for the sale. It is very simple.

Since we are redesigning the website (effective November 2017) we are still putting together our new advertising packs but they should be available soon. This page will be updated as soon as they become available.

We pay 50% commission. When a customer clicks through from your site and purchases a membership, you earn 50% of that sale and all recurring sales. So the amount you make depends on how much traffic you send. Our credit card processor CCBill pays out weekly, so you get paid quickly.

If you opt to become an affiliate you are bound by our Affiliate Terms of Use in addition to the Terms of Use you agreed to when entering this website. The Affiliate Terms of Use can be found here.

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