Another behind the scenes story

I thought maybe you would like to hear another behind the scenes story.

Today’s Easter update was a pretty fun shoot. What made it even more fun was that one of Tony’s oldest friends happened to stop by the house while we were getting ready to shoot it. Of course he knows what we do, his wife is my friend and model Raven, so Tony invited him to stick around and watch the shoot knowing that it would make me very hot.

So we were shooting and D was really enjoying himself. I could tell by the bulge in his jeans. If you notice in the photos I am facing mostly to the left. That’s because that is where he was standing. I wanted to make sure he got a good view because he was snapping photos with his cell phone.

After the last photo (where I am on my hands and knees fingering myself and spreading my pussy) I rolled over and lay back propped on my elbows with my knees spread wide. He said, “Damn, Dawn! That was hot!” I said, “I’m glad you enjoyed it. Want to see something really fun. Start a video and film this.”

Then I took one of the pink eggs and put it in my pussy then made myself cum while they watched. Then I popped it out and sucked it clean. Even though he knows me VERY well he was still shocked. I think this may have been before we had fooled around at the parties much. He asked to see that again so he could get a close up of it popping out. He was too stunned to think to do it the first time.

Here is the interesting bit of the story. If you wonder how I know which color egg I used well it’s because Tony still has it on display in the garage. He has a shelf with some of things my friends and I have put in our pussies at one time or another like a couple of bottles, a mardi gra necklace, etc. It looks like a collection of nick-nacks because there are other things there like a turtle shell we found hiking and little things like that but only we know what some of the stuff really is.

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  1. God you are so hot! Beautiful shape – love suntan hose on you! And those Easter eggs are sexy! Thank you for sharing!

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