A little note about requests

Requests for photos and videos are pouring in. Both for old sets and new ones. We are making a list of each one and we will fulfill each request in the order it was received as we either shoot or locate the requested images/video.


Remember we only update my sets 3 times a week and the other 4 updates are for other models. Videos are posted about once a month or so and they aren’t always of me. Though most of the requests are for content from me there are quite a few for other models as well. So be patient. We tend to fill a whole months calendar of content before the previous month is over. If you make a request it may take more than a month (or several if we have trouble finding it) before it gets posted. We have thousands of sets that we need to get posted in addition to what is requested.

So send in your request, we love to have them so we know what our members want to see, but please keep in mind there are a lot of you and only one update each day.



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    1. I’ve been meaning to thank you for putting up that set of your party with Lee, Tony and Lee’s husband. Just unbelievably hot – love all your party videos. Looking forward to another party video – fingers-crossed! (especially with Lee’s guy…)

      You’re so beautiful, Dawn!

        1. THANK YOU for that new party video – wow! So hot! Having a group of friends like that who share the same interests and are just downright cool would be WONDERFUL! Lucky you!

    1. Sorry, but no I will not give you a foot job. 🙂 I get asked this a lot and have added it to my questions and answers section. I do not meet with anyone for any reason. Tony and I only play around with our friends. The people we have known for years and no we are not looking to meet new people or make new friends (I get this a lot too). This will never change.

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