Dawn Desire's Pantyhose Passion

Candids from my pantyhose life part 2 and a short video that Tony messed up

So to wrap up the month of September I am posting part 2 of the candid set from last week. It is more of me living my pantyhose life. Just day to day things mostly cooking and reading ๐Ÿ™‚ Those are two things I love to do. There is also a little bonus video for your viewing pleasure but it isn’t complete. Tony lost the last part of the video so it ends just as things are starting to get good. I think Tony accidentally stopped recording but he thinks he deleted it when separating all the content from the week of shooting. Either way its worth watching as long as you dont mind coming up with your own ending ๐Ÿ™‚ Check it out.

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Candids from my pantyhose life part 1

Back by popular request are more candids of me living my pantyhose life. I never thought that after all of these years you would still want to see me in my day to day life. I guess it is because most other pantyhose sites are just models wearing hose only for the photos. I actually live the pantyhose life. I wear them all day every day. Generally I wear suntan L’eggs Sheer Energy day to day. They are my go to pantyhose. They are relatively inexpensive, well constructed and most of all durable. The top three things you look for in pantyhose that you are going to be wearing all the time. The more expensive brands don’t generally hold up to multiple wearings. I can toss a bunch of L’eggs in the washing machine (even with other clothes) and they will come out fine. Try that with a pair of[…]

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