Dawn Desire's Pantyhose Passion

A little note about requests

Requests for photos and videos are pouring in. Both for old sets and new ones. We are making a list of each one and we will fulfill each request in the order it was received as we either shoot or locate the requested images/video. But… Remember we only update my sets 3 times a week and the other 4 updates are for other models. Videos are posted about once a month or so and they aren’t always of me. Though most of the requests are for content from me there are quite a few for other models as well. So be patient. We tend to fill a whole months calendar of content before the previous month is over. If you make a request it may take more than a month (or several if we have trouble finding it) before it gets posted. We have thousands of sets that we need[…]

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Happy Memorial Day!

Today Tony and I are celebrating Memorial Day. I am going to be lounging around in my sexy pantyhose and enjoying a fantastic day of fun and sun. But I also want to express my gratitude to those who gave their lives so that I can enjoy myself and be the pantyhose loving slut I am. Thank you! Tony wrote a little piece that I want to share with you too. Oh and I have some candid photos from yesterday and I will try and post some of today’s as we shoot them. So be on the lookout for those. A NOTE FROM TONY D: Happy Memorial Day! As you may know, I am a Desert Storm veteran. Dawn and I really love our military men and woman who put their lives on the line in the name of freedom and the protection of others. I did, and I will do it[…]

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